Our Worship


Sunday morning worship is the central event at Maple Grove.

We strive for excellence in church music.

We strive for music that lifts our hearts and minds to God.

Our organist begins playing music several minutes before 10:15AM, and we use that time to focus our attention on the worship of God.

This musical foundation is intended to be neither entertaining nor showy; instead, it is to be authentically worshipful. Each musical piece is chosen carefully to complement the flow of the service.

We value the Bible highly.

At Maple Grove, we intend to take the Word of God seriously in all that we do.

We consistently read from many parts of the Bible each Sunday in order that our understanding of Scripture might be broadened.

Our pastoral staff always deliver sermons that are grounded in Scripture.

We worship with a purpose.

Our worship services are always intended to glorify and praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Our services are characterized by a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary choruses.

The songs we sing are specifically selected to reflect a service-wide theme. There is usually special music with one or more voices accompanied by piano or sound track.

We involve youth and children.

Quite often our youth serve as worship leaders in the presentation of the Scripture. Sometimes they read the worship Scripture. We are always fed and inspired by their leadership. The youth also serve regularly as acolytes and ushers. Their leadership is a blessing to our worship.

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