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At Maple Grove, we value youth and children. Therefore, we have implemented what we believe to be the most excellent system of Christian nurture available today. It’s called LOGOS, and it is probably the most unique thing about us. LOGOS is our midweek ministry of Christian nurture with youth, children, and families.

There is nothing like LOGOS – you have to see it to believe it! That’s why we are always happy to have guests.

Please be our guest any Wednesday (September through April) at 5:00PM. Plan to stay until 7:45PM so you can participate in all four parts of the program!

A little Q&A:

* What do most kids ask after their first visit to LOGOS?

“Can we come to LOGOS again next week?”

* What is LOGOS all about?

LOGOS is where everyone is treated as a child of God. And even though it meets on Wednesday, it is not “just” a midweek program – it’s the midweek component of our total program of Christian nurture.

* What are the four parts of LOGOS?

  • Bible study: Youth and children work through themed, Bible-based curricula designed specifically for their age group.
  • Worship skills: Youth and children learn about theologically sound worship and practice various forms of music and dramatic activities for use in Sunday morning worship services.
  • Family time: All participants, young and old, share in an inter-generational meal served family-style.
  • Recreation: Youth and children practice playing together in ways that help everyone to have fun at nobody’s expense.

How can I find out more?

Come to LOGOS any Wednesday night at 5:00PM! Anyone may try LOGOS out by visiting as many as three times with no strings attached. After three visits, we ask you to make a commitment to the program and to our congregation. This includes worshiping the Lord with us on Sunday mornings. (Families who are already part of another congregation may participate in LOGOS on Wednesdays under certain conditions.) To enroll in LOGOS, at least one parent attends an enrollment meeting, the general fee is paid, and the parent participates in some meaningful way to the program.

Click here for more information on LOGOS and GenOn Ministries.

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