Our Core Convictions


Maple Grove stands solidly in the theological traditions of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Within that tradition, God has laid these core convictions on our hearts.

1. Everything we do is theological.

Theology literally means “the study of God” and has come to refer to all kinds of discussions about how we relate to God. Our conviction is that everything we do at Maple Grove, whether it’s worship, LOGOS, or other ministries, directly relates to the Lord. We do nothing for our own purposes; all that we do is for the glory of Christ.

2. The Bible is the source of our theology.

We recognize scripture, tradition, reason, and experience as valid methods of doing theology. However, above and beyond the others stand the Holy Scriptures as the authoritative word of God. We use the Bible as the Lord’s specific revelation to his creation, and we rely on it heavily in all of our worship services.

3. Everyone is a Child of God and deserves to be treated that way.

This statement is foundational to all our relationships and activities. It applies to every person with whom we have contact, from youngest child to wisest elder. Just as Jesus exhibited love and acceptance without discrimination, we love and accept each person as a unique and special child of the Creator.

4. We welcome everyone to join in worship and fellowship at Maple Grove.

  • Maple Grove is an open fellowship of Christian believers.
  • This is a peaceful, loving, caring community of faith.
  • Everyone is welcome here.
  • Youth and children are given high priority in all of our programming.
  • You will be able to find a place of service and ministry among us.
  • Our pastor is available to you.

5. We always welcome AU and SOT students as full participants in ministry.

Historically, we have been the home of over a hundred college and seminary students during their stays in Anderson. Rather than simply sitting idly in worship services, students are encouraged to participate fully in the life and ministry – beyond Sunday mornings – of this church.

6. It takes a congregation to raise a child.

Our children and youth are too valuable, too precious to be delegated exclusively to one paid staff person. We all want to be in direct relationship with each of our young people. If you love youth and children, you will very likely find many ways to be directly involved in their lives through our church’s ministries.

7. Maple Grove is about relationships.

We intentionally develop and nurture relationships with God, with each other, with other Christian ministries, and with the entire world. We are called to treat every person as a child of God; therefore, we do not take relationships lightly. Relationships are everything!

8. We resist the increasingly competitive church climate; numbers are not our goal.

We believe that God calls us to resist contemporary market-driven pressures to produce “measurable results,” i.e. more people and more money. We refuse to reduce ministry to a marketing strategy! Instead, we intend to remain faithful to our core convictions. We choose to proclaim and practice the historic Christian faith: the redemptive love and salvation of God through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

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