Bethlehem Farm

Welcome to Bethlehem Farm at Maple Grove! Well, not just yet. We have entered a partnership with Brandywine Creek Farms ( in Greenfield, Indiana to utilize 2.8 acres of the field behind our church.

Brandywine will hire one person to assist our volunteers in growing food on our back field. One-third of our produce will go to Operation Love and Park Place Community Center for their food banks.

One-third of the produce will go to Brandywine Creek Farms to offset their cost in hiring a person, plowing and planting our farm.

One-third will stay with Maple Grove to sell or give away.


The only thing we’ve done with our field in the past is mow it. The field has been used for little league baseball practice or high school soccer games. It has been several years since our field has been used for those purposes. We are excited to grow our small garden from last year into a 2.8 acre farm. We are pleased to use our field for good!